Craft candles are divided into multiple series of products


Craft candle is a kind of candle that produces flames o […]

Craft candle is a kind of candle that produces flames of various colors when burned. It is composed of main burning agent, hair coloring agent and other auxiliary agents.
The principle of color development is based on the fact that when certain metal ions or their compounds are heated, the electrons in the molecules deviate from the original orbit and form a transitional movement.
The electrons release the originally stored energy during the transition movement, and emit various luster. The color of the light depends on the radiation spectrum of the material.
Excellent quality scented candles can help relieve fatigue caused by work or labor, and can also play a role in regulating the atmosphere. Most of the ingredients are natural plant synthetic flavors, and the taste is elegant. And the flame burns evenly and the color is clear.

my country is the world’s largest producer of candles. With the improvement of people’s living standards, craft candles have gradually become an important item for people to adjust the taste of life. Whether in grand weddings or warm dinners, craft candles play a unique role .
Craft candles are divided into multiple series of products. Each series has its own theme and creates different effects. For example, scented candles rich in various floral scents can release bursts of fragrance when burned, which can play a role. The role of fresh air and soothing mood;
Beautiful scented candles are added with natural plant essential oils, which emit a pleasant fragrance when burned, which can soothe nerves and eliminate depression; liquid color candles are currently popular in Europe and the United States, and they can produce bright and eye-catching colors when burned. Colored flames are suitable for being placed in containers of different shapes to create a colorful and romantic atmosphere;
The music color light candle that integrates music and color can not only play pleasant music after burning, but also emit brilliant colors. It is a good helper when people adjust the atmosphere of the party; the crystal jelly candle has a crystal clear appearance and bright colors And the texture is smooth, suitable for placing in a variety of glassware, very decorative and ornamental.
The craft candle is the crystallization of high and new technology. Its raw material is high molecular polymer. It has the characteristics of non-turbidity, smokeless, non-toxic, non-polluting, non-deliquescent, and pleasant smell. Its burning time is 3-4 times that of ordinary candles. . Although the raw materials for craft candles are relatively high in technology, their prices are not expensive, and they are suitable for all kinds of people to buy.
Compared with traditional candles, the production process of craft candles is simplified a lot. Many three-dimensional craft candles are made by pouring molds and carving some patterns. Therefore, craft candles, like cakes, can also be made by hand. When making handmade candles, the maker can not only determine the shape and smell according to his own aesthetics, but more importantly, he can put the maker's creativity into action and enjoy the wonderful feelings that this process brings.

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