Do you know the special meaning of wedding candles?


  Two wedding candles separated on both sides are […]


Two wedding candles separated on both sides are lit by the family members of both families, representing the lives of the bride and groom before this moment. Their candlelight represents the faith, wisdom and love they received from their parents. Before this moment, their candles were burned separately, but after exchanging vows, the bride and groom will jointly light the wedding candle in the middle, representing their life as one from now on.


The bride and groom light the oneness wedding candle in the center, symbolizing the unity of their lives. From now on, they will think about each other, share joys and suffer together. After the middle wedding candle is lit, the side wedding candles continue to light, symbolizing that they still need to fully accept each other's different characteristics in order to achieve mutual benefits.


This procedure has been followed abroad, and now more and more weddings in China incorporate the procedure of lighting candles. After all, it represents the yearning for a happy life in the future.

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