Do you really know scented candles?


Most people in China are not very accustomed to using s […]

Most people in China are not very accustomed to using scented candles. In addition, light scented candles are open flames. Considering safety issues, they may be extinguished after a short period of burning. In fact, this kind of operation is not good. The first time the aromatherapy candle is burned, it is best to burn for three hours, and then try to keep it for more than 2 hours for each subsequent burning. The purpose is to burn the surface of the candle evenly. The part close to the candle wick is melted, causing the wax on the edge of the bottle to not burn, and the memory circle is more wasteful. In addition, with the continuous burning and use of candles, the wax on the surface will become less and less. At this time, everyone needs to pay special attention to the length of the candle wick. Too long candle wicks are prone to black smoke and will cause the burning speed to be too fast. Not only will it fail to achieve a good aromatherapy effect, but there will also be some waste! However, if the wick is too short, it may not be lit or burnt enough. Therefore, when trimming the wick, it is recommended that the wick should be kept at a length of 0.4-0.5cm.

Regarding the correct way to extinguish candles, many people like to use their mouths to extinguish the candles. It may be the habit of blowing candles on birthdays, but here you must remember that you must not use your mouth to blow out scented candles, which will produce black smoke. And the smell, leading to the destruction of the comfort and beauty of scented candles. The common candle-extinguishing tool is the candle-extinguishing hook, which presses the candle wick into the candle pool to extinguish it, but this also makes it easy for the charcoal head at the top of the candle wick to fall into the wax pool. There are also many people who choose glass covers to extinguish candles using the principle of isolating air. When moving or placing lighted scented candles, it is inevitable that they will accidentally spill out. When the wax liquid overflows, it will solidify due to the cold air. When it is difficult to clean up, you can use alcohol to spray and wipe it. You can also use this method if you want to keep the burnt glass of the aroma candlestick. Many girls also use it in the bathroom. Pay special attention to the overflow of wax liquid, because water containing wax can easily block the water pipe when it flows into it.

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