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The Ocean Series Smokeless Handmade Candle by Candle Mo […]

The Ocean Series Smokeless Handmade Candle by Candle Mountain is one of their popular lines. This line offers a variety of products that range from scented candles to soaps and bath additives. For anyone who wants to indulge in natural fragrances, they offer several organic fragrances. If you are looking for a quick way to relax or unwind, the Ocean Series Candles offers you that with their aromas that are rich and sensual. They have been crafted using essential oils that are derived from plants and flowers.

If you like your soap or scented candles to be made in glass vessels, the series by Candle Mountain has that for you also. This brand offers both cast iron and glass containers to choose from. Some of the containers even have handles. If you want to use your candle as a container for a recipe, you will be able to find instructions online that will tell you what size of jar or container to purchase. The brand also offers recipes that tell you how long the candle should last and whether or not it should be used instead of a liquid soap.

Each of the candles from the Ocean Series offers a distinctive scent that you will enjoy. Their Blue Ocean Candle promises a delectable scent with a hint of seaweed. The scent is created using Japanese soy beans that have been soaked and then filtered. Once filtered, the beans are then used to create a unique blend of fragrance that is light and refreshing.

Another fragrance from the series, the Deep Woods, is created using Australian black tea leaves and their unique scents. The scent is delectable with hints of vanilla and mahogany. Once lit, it produces a warm sensation that will draw you in. It is not difficult to imagine sitting by a campfire and inhaling the scent of your favorite scented tea, a full bowl of soup or even a great book. The Deep Woods candle promises a long-lasting and interesting aroma.

All three candles from the Ocean series also make great travel companions. They are lightweight and can be stored in a purse, travel case or backpack without any worries about it melting. Many people carry the candles in a small ziplock bag or in a side pocket because they are small and easy to break. They can easily fit into any size pocket or purse. The Deep Woods scent is also available in unscented, but you may want to try the unscented version first. You might find that you enjoy the unscented Deep Woods better.

When you choose the Ocean Series Smokeless Handmade Candle you will be choosing a delightful scent that lasts. It's a scent that is pleasant for the entire family to enjoy. The unique natural ingredients and high quality construction ensure that the candle that you make will last and smell great for many years to come.

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