Frequently Asked Questions About Scented Candles


If you don’t sleep well, should you use ignition or non […]

If you don’t sleep well, should you use ignition or non-fire?
We recommend using essential oil scented candles 2 hours before going to bed. You can extinguish them when you go to bed. You can use them for about 2 hours each time. The number of candles you light depends on your sensitivity to fragrance. , Can relax the spirit, soothe irritability, and improve the quality of sleep.

How are scented candles and liquid essential oils used?
To use essential oil scented candles, choose a suitable scented scented candle and light it in a safe place. If there is no windproof cup or windshield, it is recommended to use it in a glass or metal quilt. To use liquid essential oil, add clean water to 80% in the groove of the aroma diffuser, then add 3 to 5 drops of essential oil, light a tea wax, and place it in the hollowed-out furnace below the aroma diffuser. When using liquid essential oils, usually add water every half an hour.

What size room is suitable for scented candles?
Generally, one can be used in a room of 15-20 square meters. The larger the space, the lighter the fragrance. If it is a larger space, it is recommended to light a few more, and pay attention to choosing the same fragrance.

How is its fragrance made?
The manufacturing process of scented candles is simple. Only a slight improvement in the traditional candle production process can produce scented candles. The cost is low, the price is profitable, and the application is wide. It is used in homes, temples, karaoke halls and other occasions and birthday cakes. Essential food items. In addition to equipment for producing scented candles, there is also a need for additional production of scented masterbatch and equipment.

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