Handmade Candle Supplies For The New Artist


Handmade candles have a very distinctively different fe […]

Handmade candles have a very distinctively different feel to them than do mass-produced candles. One of the biggest factors consumers tend to pick up when comparing these two vastly different manufacturing methods is always the price of their final product. Many will automatically assume that handmade candles would always be considerably more costly than their factory-produced cousins but that is not necessarily the case at all. In fact, the opposite is quite true. Creating handmade candles can be a very cost effective way of adding special effects to any home or even to turning a lamp, or any object into a candle.


One of the main differences between mass-produced candles and those made by hand is that handmade candles contain natural fragrance oils and essential oils produced by the plants the bees gather during their day-to-day travels throughout the world. These are scented oils that are rich and highly concentrated and as such they will last longer than those from a mass-produced product. The scent of a candle produced from a natural blend of oils will linger considerably longer than that of a highly concentrated, chemically treated blend of essential oils. Essential oils are typically harder to identify than fragrances and in many cases have to be specially extracted from the oil itself.


One other thing consumers tend to look for when comparing handmade candles with those on the market is a selling price that is not too high, but still comfortably within their reach. Often mass-produced candles will be sold well above suggested retail prices because of their exceptional 'wow' factor. There is nothing wrong with a high selling price if it can be justified by your customers, however, you need to bear in mind that this is generally where most candle makers tend to cut corners in order to make a profit. A lower selling price will generally indicate more potential customers are drawn to your products and therefore more opportunity to earn a profit.

It's also important to take into account the type of candle you intend to sell. Do you intend to make your own candles, or are you going to buy candles that already exist on the market? If you intend to create your own candles then it is imperative that you find a candle making kit that has everything you need to get started right. These kits usually contain wax, wick, a mold to shape your candles out of, fragrance, pans and jars for storing your finished product, and different types of drippers to add color and flavor to your candles. Buying pre-made kits from a reputable supplier can save you time and money, and most of them include instructions on how to work with the wax, wick, and molds to make your own unique creations.


In addition to buying the necessary ingredients to make your candles, you will also need to purchase candle making supplies such as candle wax and wicks. You will need to decide whether to buy unscented candle wax or choose a special fragrance to make your candles even more appealing. There are many different types of wicks available, including cotton, tallow, beeswax, soy, and paraffin. Try to choose a scent that compliments your desired scent for best results. Candles that are made with the wrong type of wax or wick can produce an unpleasant smell while not burning effectively.


As you can see, purchasing these essential handmade candle making supplies may be something out of your price range. Fortunately, there are many affordable ways to create your own home-based business using a kit or by purchasing a guidebook. Many of these kits have everything you need to begin right away, and come complete with a complete list of ingredients and supplies, instructions, and a list of helpful retailers in your local area. Many suppliers will provide a trial pack of wax and wicks to test out their products before making a purchase. If you're creative, handmade candles can be a great way to express yourself artistically.

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