How does the craft candle factory reduce the cost of candles?


Now friends who open craft candle factories are more co […]

Now friends who open craft candle factories are more concerned about how to open up the market and how to reduce the cost of candle manufacturing without affecting the quality of candle burning. Here's a summary of some of the lessons learned about saving candle manufacturing costs, hoping to help everyone:



1: I believe that many manufacturers have tried to use candle foaming agents, also known as candle expanders. Its function is to add 1% foaming agent to the paraffin to double the volume of the candle, make the candle beautiful, and the burning effect is good, which greatly reduces the cost of the candle. Waxes are expensive, so many manufacturers now use some vegetable waxes, such as carnauba.


2: The use of stearic acid paraffin is more expensive than stearic acid, so the main purpose of adding stearic acid is to reduce costs. Adding stearic acid to candles increases hardness and whiteness, and burns without black smoke.


3: Many craft candles can be filled with foam wax. One of the machines used for this foaming wax is a candle foaming machine. This kind of candle can not only reduce the cost, but also make the candle burn completely. This is a very popular method.

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