How to burn scented candles is very particular


Scented candles are one of the popular products among c […]

Scented candles are one of the popular products among craft lovers. Let the people who use the product burn a sense of happiness, as if we like a certain collection. Aromatherapy candles are an improvement on the traditional candle technology, adding a variety of perfume essential oils, so that it can emit a variety of aromas during the burning process. On the basis of lighting, we can give product value to a deeper level.

1. The first burn is very important!
If you want to burn a scented candle to look good, you must wait for the candle on the surface to completely melt to form a flat wax pool before extinguishing it!
Wax has a memory. If you burn the candle without waiting for the complete wax pool to burn out, you will not burn it again every time you burn it to the place where it is extinguished. A deep hole will form over time. . However, as long as you burn out a complete wax pool at one time, you can be willful in the future, because your candle has already remembered where the burning edge is.

2. Trim the candle wick every time before burning
Before lighting the candle, trim the wick, leaving a length of about 5 mm. If the wick is too long, the candle will be consumed quickly. Trimming can make the candle last longer. Moreover, if it is not trimmed, it is easy to have black smoke, and the wall of the candle cup is easy to be blackened. It is recommended to prune before burning. If the candle has not completely solidified when you trim the wick, it will be more tragic if the charcoal head accumulated at the top of the wick falls into the wax pool.

3. Let professional tools do professional things
To enter the scented candle pit, you need to equip at least three professional tools: candle extinguisher, lighter, candle wick cutter.
Common candle extinguishers include candle extinguishing bell and candle extinguishing hook. However, it is not recommended that you choose the candle extinguishing hook. The method of extinguishing the candle hook is to press the candle wick into the candle pool to extinguish it, so that the charcoal head at the top of the candle wick can easily fall into the wax pool. In contrast, the candle-extinguishing clock is more suitable. It is necessary to prepare a special igniter for scented candles, because once the candle burns down, the wick at home cannot be reached by the lighter at ordinary times. Scented matches are also a good choice. If it is a relatively thin candle cup, especially when the candle has been burned relatively deep, the daily scissors cannot be inserted into the candle cup, and the slender candle wick scissors can trim the wick easily. More importantly, use ordinary scissors to trim the candle wick. The cut candle wick fragments will easily fall into the candle cup, and the round head candle wick will fall firmly on the round head. Falling into the candle cup contaminates the candle.
4. Twist the wick straight after each burning
Girls who have burned scented candles may have discovered that if the wick is bent to one side, the candle on that side will burn faster, while the candle on the other side will not burn down, causing the candle to not fall flat. burn. It is recommended that every time the girls are finished burning, while the candle has not completely melted, twist the candle wick to make sure it is in the center of the wax pool.

5. Each burning does not exceed 3 hours
The burning time of scented candles should not exceed 3 hours each time. After more than 3 hours, the wax oil will burn on its own, affecting the spread of the candle's fragrance. At the same time, it can also cause other problems such as overheating of the candle cup, mushroom head, black smoke and so on.

6. Cover the lid when not burning
When the scented candle is not burning, cover it with a lid. If it is left open, not only is it easy to fall off, the bigger problem is that the fragrance is easy to lose, and the candle will not smell after a while. However, many brands of candle lids are sold separately. You can keep the candle box, put the candle back in the box when not in use, and store it in a cool and dry cabinet.

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