Main materials and methods of birthday candles


  Most of the birthday candles currently sold on t […]


Most of the birthday candles currently sold on the market are the surface cylindrical structure. Usually 6, 12, and 24 installations. Its disadvantage is that the amount of candles is large, waste, pollution, not beautiful, and not flawed. Digital birthday candles avoid the shortcomings of the existing birthday candle. Its candle is a three -dimensional digital structure with a beautiful image, hygienic, and economical. If this product is developed properly, it will be popular with consumers.


1. Main materials
Wax, candleri, cone plastic, etc.



2. Production method
Candle body production is the same as the current birthday candle production method, but its shape is that the candle body should be made into three -dimensional numbers, and the candlerus should be buried in the candle body.

At the top of the candle body, there is a milk -like raised top. At the top, it can also be made when burning can be made into a plate or carved, and congratulations on the platform can be engraved.

Put a tapered plastic to support your feet. You can also set up a platform and a cone, and use the flat bottom as shown in the figure, and install a cone -shaped plastic supporting foot at the bottom.

The number of birthday candles can be used in Arabic numerals or Chinese numbers, or other suitable number structures, such as Roman numbers. Its approach is consistent.


How to use
When using, buy the appropriate number. Because a single transparent densely tribute digital candle can be used. Put the digital birthday candle into the cake and lit the candler head. The wax oil will flow into the platform without polluting the cake. After taking the candle away, there are few holes left on the birthday cake, which is not easy to destroy the overall beauty of the birthday cake.

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