Purpose of candle wick treatment


There are three basic methods for the technical treatme […]

There are three basic methods for the technical treatment of candle wicks:
(1). Cleaning (cleaning): to remove the cotton yarn itself and other impurities;

(2). Bleaching: The floating process of the candle wick is purely for the aesthetics of the appearance and will not have any effect on the burning of the candle wick. Therefore, we feel that this is not necessary, but from an environmental point of view, we do not recommend it.

(3). Penetration technical treatment: This is by far the most important technical treatment for candle wicks. The use of a variety of industrial salts allows osmotic technology to achieve the following effects:



(a). Ensuring regular and clean candle flames;
(b). To induce the necessary bending of the candle wick;
(c). Strengthen the stability of the candle wick;
(d). To promote spontaneous combustion of the candle wick during the burning process;
(e). Decrease the smoke retention time after the candle wick is extinguished;
(f). The temperature of the equilibrium flame;
(g). Improve the wax absorption ability of the candle wick;
(h). Enhances the acid resistance of candle wicks, such as stearic acid.

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