The process of making wedding candles


1. The white wedding candles cut into sections (be care […]

1. The white wedding candles cut into sections (be careful not to cut the wick), pull out the cotton wick for use, the craft candle section will be broken. Prepare a small amount of colored crayon shavings.


2. The wedding candle pieces in a pot of heating, so that the craft candle melted. Add crayon shavings to the melted wax for color mixing, you can decide the amount of shavings according to the preferred color shade, generally speaking lighter colors work better. Slightly shake the pot so that the crayon color melts and blends into the wax solution, sprinkle a few drops of perfume into the wax solution.



3. It will mix the color of the craft candle wax liquid poured into the prepared mold, the height can be customized. If the mold is homemade, be careful not to leave a gap to prevent the craft candle wax from flowing out.


4. Beforehand, one end of the cotton wick knotted on a toothpick (toothpick can prevent the craft candle wax from burning, but also to adjust the position of the wick), the other end will be placed in the color of the craft candle wax, and wait for the craft candle wax to solidify.


5. If you want to make several colors of craft candles, you can pour layer by layer into the mold. After the first layer solidifies, then pour the second layer, and so on.


6. Colored candles completely solidified, tear the mold, cut the excess wick short, a scented colored craft candles are ready. Caution: Do not pour the wax water from the remaining craft candles down the drain, or it will clog the drain. Just pour it on a piece of paper, wait for it to solidify and throw it away. Also, the wick on the craft candle should not be left too long in case the flame is too large after lighting to cause danger.



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