Application of Pillar candles


Pillar candle, as the name suggests, is like a cylindri […]

Pillar candle, as the name suggests, is like a cylindrical candle. It is also a style of craft candles.

Pillar wax is a relatively common type of candle, and it is more popular in Western countries. Generally, European and American families will light candles at home on festivals, and pillar wax is the first choice. Generally, the burning time of pillar wax is relatively long, usually tens of hours, and pillar wax generally has a fragrance, and the whole room is full of fragrance after lighting.

With the people's pursuit of high-quality life, there are more and more column wax styles. The candle hut has a wide variety of pillar waxes and novel styles. The column wax classification includes: single-color column wax, this type of column wax, without any modification, and the color is single. Monochromatic column wax generally has no fragrance and is more suitable for lighting. Aromatherapy pillar wax, this type of pillar wax, has fragrance. There are also many types of scents, such as lavender, lily, mint, lemon and so on. There are also beautiful carved column waxes. The carved column waxes are very beautiful and carved into various flowers, suitable for weddings and festivals.

The flame of  aromatherapy column wax has hypnotic soothing, which can help sleep and restore vitality. Pillar wax has a characteristic that other artificial lighting can't match, a kind of softness and gentleness that is the same as sleep.

Light three or two scented pillar candles in the bedroom, which will stimulate your senses and make everything immersed in the candlelight. No one can deny that scented pillar wax represents romance, especially the small cluster of sensual pleasures emitted by the red candles, which will surely speed up your pulse, just like seeing a close lover.

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