The matching of candles and the correct process of choosing candles


Different candles are matched with different candlestic […]

Different candles are matched with different candlesticks, and the atmosphere displayed is particularly different.

Candles are more particular about candlesticks. Different types of candles should be coordinated with the candlesticks. The elongated candles should be placed on the traditional iron candlesticks to match them. They are usually used when dining;

If it is a thicker or non-traditional candle, it can be placed in a heart-shaped or fruit-shaped candle holder. When chatting with guests, this arrangement can create a more lively atmosphere.

Put red candles in a red candle holder to light up, or put golden candles of different heights on the table, the atmosphere is very beautiful. And using candles and table flowers to match each other to create a whirling time effect is also a good way to create an atmosphere. Or, use white candles with red berries or red candles, with green cypress branches, just like a Christmas, so romantic.

1. Check the wax wick of the candle, commonly known as "twist", to remove the wax around the wax wick to see how thick its wick is. If it is as thick as the white thread of the quilt, it is a low-quality candle, because the wax wick If you don’t light it for a few minutes, it will burn out and the candle will be extinguished; if the wax wick is spun like multiple strands of white thread, the burning time of the candle will be longer.

2. There is a kind of "heart-shaped" candle with shiny gold powder on the market now, which looks very beautiful, but the wax core of this kind of wedding candle is the thinnest, and some even the waxed match has not gone out. The wax wick of the candle is burned out, and the candle is also extinguished, so it is recommended that newcomers remember to check the wax wick when choosing a candle.

3. The higher the transparency of the candle. The better the quality. The candle of good quality. After being lit, it should be transparent, with less impurity content and better brightness. Such candles have no smoke and no odor. They are harmless to the human body. This is an environmentally friendly candle You can use a flashlight to illuminate the candle when you buy it, or put the candle under the light. Whether it is transparent or not is clear at a glance.

4. You must pay attention to choosing scented candles. It is not that the more scent the better. It is best to buy pure natural fragrances, otherwise some artificial fragrances will cause a lot of harm to the human body. If you are not sure, it is recommended to buy smokeless candles. Safety.

5. High-quality candles should not be deformed in summer. They will not fade and can be retained for a long time. If the candle sticks to dust, wipe it with a clean damp cloth. Or you can wipe it with Vaseline. Candles that will get dusty A new look.

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