Briefly describe the principle and characteristics of electronic candles


Electronic candles, also known as LED electronic candle […]

Electronic candles, also known as LED electronic candles, are made of LED wicks from the simple shape of a simulated candle at the beginning, and have developed into the fourth and fifth generation of voice-activated candle lights. The functions are also getting stronger and stronger. Sound induction, induction hair dryer; more and more colors, tend to be personalized and gifted.


1. Principle of voice-activated electronic candle light
The electronic candle uses the amplifier circuit to amplify the sound signal, and detects it through the comparison circuit. When the sound signal reaches the preset monitoring intensity, the comparison circuit outputs a pulse signal to the gate circuit, which opens the gate circuit and transmits the electrical signal to the power amplifier circuit. The power amplifier circuit is saturated and turned on, and the control device is turned on, and at the same time, the clock circuit maintains the conduction state.



2. Features
Electronic candles are safe and environmentally friendly, never generate heat, and avoid the occurrence of flame ignition. Beautiful and elegant, suitable for all kinds of candle holders. It can be used as a night light for lighting and other decorative purposes. Suitable for promotional gifts, hotels, bars, home decoration, church, halloween, Christmas gifts, etc.


3. Scope and objects of use
The electronic candle integrates romance, emotion, warmth, festival, and carnival. The unique and innovative projection design makes the original dull LED candle light even more brilliance. It can meet the special taste of people of all walks of life for household items, and can be used for birthday parties, Lantern Festivals Lantern Festival, Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival, Western Christmas, Halloween Lantern, suitable for all social groups of men, women and children. It can be used for giving gifts, promotional gifts, advertising gifts and so on.

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