What are the main raw materials of craft candles?


The main raw material for craft candles is paraffin! &n […]

The main raw material for craft candles is paraffin!


At present, the main raw material of craft candles is paraffin, which is a candle made from the waxy fraction of petroleum by cold pressing or solvent dewaxing. It is a mixture of several higher alkanes, mainly n-docosane (C22H46) and n-dioxin Octadecane (C28H58), containing about 85% carbon and 14% hydrogen.


The added accessories are white oil, stearic acid, polyethylene, essence, etc. Among them, stearic acid (C17H35COOH) is mainly used to improve the softness, and the specific addition depends on what kind of candles are produced. When the candle burns, the products of the combustion of n-docosane and stearic acid are carbon dioxide and water. The chemical equations for the reaction are 2C22H46 + 67O2 → 44CO2 + 46H2O and C17H35COOH + 26O2 → 18CO2 + 18H2O.


When the candle is lit, the flame that burns initially is small and gradually becomes larger, and the flame is divided into three layers (outer flame, inner flame, and flame core). The flame core is mainly candle vapor, the temperature is the lowest, the inner flame paraffin is not fully burned, and the temperature is higher than the flame core, because there are some carbon particles, the flame is the brightest, the outer flame is fully contacted with the air, the combustion is sufficient, and the temperature is the highest. A matchstick is quickly flattened into the flame, and taken out after about 1 second, the part of the matchstick that touches the outer flame first turns black.


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