How are birthday candles lit? What to watch out for?


(1): A candle is a lamp, and there is a special lamp go […]

(1): A candle is a lamp, and there is a special lamp god in charge of the shaman fairy door. Especially on the day of the birthday, devoutly lighting the lamp and making a wish will surely be fulfilled. The shaman stipulates that as long as the number of birthdays, the number of bright candles must be lit, but in reality, many people often fail to do so, and it is taboo in the shaman's immortal gate.


(2): According to the orthodox hexagram number, the number of candles you light less, the number of lifespans you will lose. If it is inconvenient to put a lot of candles on the cake, you can replace it with a common lotus lamp, which is the kind that blooms with several petals after being lit. Because the flowers bloom at nine grades, the Buddha is seen everywhere, and the spiritual light shines, which is boundless.



(3): It is taboo to light three candles on the birthday cake, which does not include the third birthday person. Because this is the candle of sacrifice, it is very taboo to light it on our Chinese three-candle birthday cake.


(4): There is still a little birthday candle that cannot be burned out. After making a wish, the birthday person and everyone can blow it out together. Looking at all the methods of offering lamps, only the birthday candle needs to be blown out. To be precise, it is called stagnation, which is translated as Block all bad luck and evil intentions to invade and interfere. As for the color of the candle, it is good to be colorful, not a single color.


(5): The more colors of birthday candles, the more colorful, happy and peaceful life in the future, but also the meaning of the world, the life of the world, the sky is high and the king is flying, the sea is wide with the Lacrosse, everything is unimpeded, and everything goes as one wishes. Shaman Xianmen advocates lighting candles on birthdays.


(6): Birthday candles are only suitable to be lit once on the birthday, and their wish-making effect is also very effective. It is not suitable to light birthday candles twice on a person's birthday. No matter how many friends there are or how many dinners there are, birthday candles can only be lit on that day and only once.

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