Different types of candle lights


There are many varieties of candle lamps produced by ca […]

There are many varieties of candle lamps produced by candle lamp manufacturers, and dozens of them can be divided according to the classification of various raw materials. How many different ways are there in the various styles and varieties of candle lights?


1. According to the raw materials of candle lamp shell:
The candle lamp manufacturers on the market mainly produce glass shells and plastic transparent shells.


2. According to the color of the candle shell:
With the increasing demand for specialization, there are many new ideas in the color of candle lamp shells. Common ones include milky white frosted shell (multiple exports), red shell (mostly used in sacrificial and entertainment venues), and brown glass shell (customized) , the color of the shell will become richer and richer according to the needs of special places.



3. According to the structure of the lamp body:
(referring to the heat-dissipating aluminum body in the middle of the LED candle light) The structure of the light body can be divided into two categories: LED screw candle light and LED glossy candle light


4. Classification by surface treatment process:
(It also refers to the surface treatment process of the lamp body) In the surface treatment process of aluminum parts of candle lamps, oxidation and electroplating are mainly used. Compared with oxidation treatment, electroplating treatment will make the surface of aluminum parts more glossy and textured.


5. Classification by lamp holder:
Candle lamps used in crystal chandeliers, wall lamps and other decorative lamps are mostly E14/E27 lamp holders, and E12 lamp holders are also useful.


6. Classification by functional attributes:
The candle lights produced by candle light manufacturers are classified as small auxiliary light sources. Due to the constraints of the structure, it is difficult to make new breakthroughs in the appearance. Therefore, the development is more and more inclined to electronic applications. At present, there are LED dimming candle lights, LED dimming Color candle lights, dimming color candle lights, etc.

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