How to make environmentally friendly candles


With the continuous improvement of our country's awaren […]

With the continuous improvement of our country's awareness of environmental development, the requirements for the use of candles are getting higher and higher, such as: smokeless candles. In order to better realize the ideal environment, we need to manufacture smokeless candles. A smokeless candle machine produces high-quality smokeless candles. I believe many people are not very clear, so how is it made?



After the wood flour and sticky flour are evenly mixed in the wax making machine, add the right amount of water and knead into the dough with moderate hardness. Position the injection molding machine; insert the bamboo strips into the injection molding machine, reserve holes in the mold, and use the injection molding machine to make Condensed raw materials for high-pressure spray coating with bamboo strips surface drying, wicking, and wax dipping process; at the same time we should fill the wax to make a mold with a wick hole, and then combine the candle wick into a high-density mounting hole, the candle of the candle wick The surface is smooth and the combustion effect can be obtained in smokeless combustion. Through the above reasonable operations, high-quality smokeless candles will be produced, and our living environment will also be improved. Even if the improvement is not great, we must believe that the improvement is Start little by little.


From the above, we have a clear understanding of how the wax making machine can make environmentally friendly candles, which will improve our living environment and make our living environment better and better.

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