What are the precautions for extinguishing candles?


The precautions for extinguishing succulent candle are […]

The precautions for extinguishing succulent candle are as follows:
1. Do not blow out candles with your mouth
Always remember not to blow out the candles with your mouth! Not only will this damage the candle, but it will also produce black smoke that turns the wonderful aroma of scented candles into smoke.


So, what method should be used to extinguish the candle?
①Candle extinguishing tool
You can use the candle extinguisher to extinguish the candle or directly use the wick scissors to cut off the flame, or use the candle extinguishing hook tool to immerse the candle wick in the wax oil, and then quickly lift the candle wick.

②Isolate the air
You can also use the matching metal lid to cover it and stay for 3-4 seconds, the fire will be automatically extinguished due to lack of oxygen, no black smoke will be produced, and the smell of burning indoors will be avoided.



Be careful when the candle is out
① After the fire is out, cover the candle with a lid to prevent dust from drifting in and accelerating the volatilization of the smell.

②The scented candle after extinguishing should be placed in a ventilated place, because there will be steam after the scented candle is lit, and if it is placed in a room with no ventilation, there will be fog.

③Avoid placing scented candles in direct sunlight to prevent fading or aroma emission due to sunlight.

④ After the scented candle burns to the end, it will slowly melt away until it is finally extinguished.
The burned candle cup can be soaked in warm water, so that the wax stains will float, then pour out the warm water and wipe the cup clean, and it will turn into a pen holder or storage tool.

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