How to Make Your Own Christmas Gift Candle Using Soy and Gold Glitter


Christmas is a time of celebration, family and friends […]

Christmas is a time of celebration, family and friends getting together to celebrate this special day. One great way to celebrate is to give a person a Christmas gift such as a Christmas candle. This is especially nice because a Christmas candle is not only a beautiful thing to look at, but it can also be used as a decoration. A beautiful Christmas candle in a glass jar can be decorated with glitters.


Glitter is the thing that adds to the beauty of a Christmas gift. There are two ways to add glitter to a Christmas candle. One method is called dipping the end of the wick in hot wax, then the wick is dipped again into the wax. The second method is to make a paste out of all the wax and hot wax put into a pan, the pan is placed on the stove and the pan is turned on to heat the wick up to 25 hours before it is added to the candle jar.


If you are looking for a more decorative method of making a Christmas candle, then you might want to consider making your own hand poured natural soy wax Christmas candle. This is a fun and easy Christmas gift you can make for a friend or relative. All you will need is about four cans of vegetable oil, some clear wax in colors such as blue, white and green, and some food coloring.

You will need a food coloring spray, double boiler, votive candle, measuring cup and a ribbon. First make a batch of vegetable oil, add the drops of food coloring and a little bit of heat, stir to combine. Now pour about one fourth of a cup of water into your double boiler and place your mixture inside. Set the flame to low and allow the wax to boil.


Once the wax begins to boil, carefully remove the can from its package and carefully pour about a quarter teaspoon of the food coloring into the bottom of your double boiler. Then pour in about another quarter teaspoon of the glitter. Once the glue has dried, carefully re-insert the can and gently shake to mix the ingredients together. Once you have everything mixed and your candle is ready, you can add a tiny amount of food coloring to the bottom of your candle. The glitter will enhance the color of the soy wax, so you may want to add more of it. Be sure to only put on a third of the glitter if you desire your homemade Christmas candles to look very realistic.


You should now be able to string the candle on and tie with washi tape. Make sure to use the washi tape to cover any mapping that exists in your washi tape. Test the candle by inserting a toy in it and lighting it up. Once you are happy that your soy and gold glitter candles are ready, you are free to add your own touches. You can even decorate them with real wrapping paper by twisting and pulling at the edges of the tape.

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