Is the Electric Candle Already a Reality?


Flameless candles have become quite popular over the la […]

Flameless candles have become quite popular over the last few years. They have replaced the widely used paraffin wax candles and have also replaced the more environmentally harmful incandescent candles. The biggest benefit they offer is that you no longer need to worry about toxic fumes or toxic smoke. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors and are typically used as decorative lighting items.


One advantage they have over other wax products is that they don't produce any black soot. If you look at a typical paraffin candle, you will notice the black soot that can sometimes be present. When the flame goes out, the soot burns up into the air, creating a dangerous chemical reaction with the oxygen in the air. This causes the release of toxic gases which are unhealthy for you and your family to breathe.


With a flameless candle, you don't have to worry about this because the fuel doesn't burn up. The fuel doesn't go up in flames, it just burns upward to the top of the candle. Because of this, there is no soot or toxic gases involved. This is why the top pick for decorative candle products is the flameless remote control candles. They have the best look and the most clean burn.



What's so great about the flameless candle is that you can use them to create many different types of mood settings. If you want a romantic ambiance, choose the "pillow top" shape. If you want a cozy, homey feel ambiance, choose the "pillar candle" size. The diameter of the pillar candle measures three inches high and comes with a five inch handle. There are also smaller versions available for those who want to achieve the same atmosphere with a different size.


When you're looking for ways to add ambiance to your rooms, consider the wide variety of flameless candles on the market today. Some have open flames that look as if they are burning out the sides of the container. Others have open flame bulbs that give you the appearance of a light bulb instead of an electrical outlet. The wide variety of these decorative candles gives you a wide array of options that will help you find the perfect mood for any room.


The best feature of the flameless candle is the ease at which it heats up. The flame rises and drops to the bottom just like a chandelier. When the bulb melts, the heat rises, making the candle light up and last for hours at a time. While decorative candles have been around for centuries, the new electric open flame technologies will surely revolutionize how we use candles.

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