LED electronic candle: a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly candle!


Core Advantages 1. The LED electronic candles are indep […]

Core Advantages
1. The LED electronic candles are independently developed and produced by the company, and are a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly candles;
2. Each electronic has an independent environmental protection shell protection, and it will not rust when placed in a candle;
3. You can turn on the switch at the bottom of the candle to replace the battery, which has a long service life;
4. The circuit board design is reasonable to avoid leakage and shorten the use time due to long-term storage;
5. The brightness is uniform, and it will not become dark soon because it starts to be super bright;
6. It is easy to use, has no flame, does not generate heat, and can be lit for a long time;
7. CE certification and ROHS demonstration of related LED electronic candles;
8. LED electronic candles can be widely used in restaurants, hotels, museums, churches, evening parties, cafes, concerts and other romantic places.



How to use
1. It is recommended to refrigerate for several hours before use, which can slow down the burning speed of the candle.
2. When the candle is burning, please avoid placing it in the windward, so as to avoid the candle light shaking and tilting, resulting in dripping wax or unsightly phenomenon. It is recommended to maintain indoor air circulation when burning.
3. Trim the wick frequently. A candle that is too large will affect the fragrance distribution. When burning, trim the wick to a length of 0.5-0.8CM (please turn off the flame first). This will prevent black smoke from being produced when burning.
4. Avoid placing the candle in direct sunlight, which can prevent the candle from fading due to long-term sunlight. Keep candles in a cool place in hot weather to prevent softening.
5. Do not blow out the candle with your mouth to avoid white smoke and burnt smell. It is recommended that you can use a toothpick or a short wire to place it under the wick, push down the wick, let the wax liquid drown the flame, and then cool the wick vertically. In this way, there will be no white smoke and burnt smell, which is convenient and labor-saving when lighting it next time.
6. If the candle is dripping on the furniture, please wait for it to solidify before peeling off. The residual wax can be melted with a hair dryer or iron before removing it.


Matters needing attention
1. Do not place lit candles in unattended areas or in flammable places.
2. Do not place candles in windy places. Failure to do so will result in a fire hazard.
3. Remember to extinguish the candles when leaving the room to avoid fire accidents.
4. Keep candles out of reach of children (keep away from children)

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