LED electronic candles highlight a realistic, romantic feeling!


  1. LED electronic candles are a substitute for b […]


1. LED electronic candles are a substitute for burning candles. They have no smoke, no open flames, and they can be used for a long time. They resemble burning flames. In the translucent cup, there is a beautiful and warm light shining, which is as real and natural as the flickering candle light. Frosted candle body, suitable for any mood and atmosphere, all kinds of PARTY, party, bar or family dinner, with it will add more fun.


2. Using advanced LED lighting technology, the "wind blowing and beating" mode of simulating wax burning is the same as real candles.


3. LED light-emitting colors can be made into red, yellow, blue, green, white, etc. In addition to white, the shell can also be made into any specified color.


4. It can be used in real candle tubes: In the random shape of natural candles and art drawing techniques, plus the "wind blowing and beating" effect of environmentally friendly and safe LED imitation wax burning - the product highlights a realistic and romantic feeling.

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