Main categories of candles


There are many types of candles, which can be generally […]

There are many types of candles, which can be generally divided into two categories: daily lighting candles (ordinary candles) and handicraft candles (special purpose candles) according to the purpose of use. Lighting candles are relatively simple, usually white rod-shaped candles. Craft candles can be subdivided into many kinds, first of all, they can be divided into jelly craft candles and scented craft candles. Generally, various colors (such as birthday candles) are displayed due to the addition of ingredients, and the shapes are also made into various forms (such as spiral, digital, etc.) due to the need to integrate novelty, decoration, ornamental, and functionality.


The flame of a candle is divided into three parts: the outer flame, the inner flame and the flame core. The temperature of the outer flame is very high, the temperature of the flame core is very low, and the brightness of the inner flame is particularly bright.



In addition, candles can also be divided into two types: rough wax and glossy wax. Generally, the surface of rough wax often has a smell, and there is a layer of hoarfrost on it. Different rough waxes will bring different smells, such as in the bedroom. Put some lavender-flavored candles to hypnotize and calm down. You can put ocean-scented candles in the bathroom, and in summer, you can put some loose-smelling candles to drive away mosquitoes; while glossy wax has no smell, and the surface of the wax body is very smooth. , easy to make a beautiful shape.


Candles can generally be divided into extruded cylindrical wax, pointed bamboo wax, torch wax, floating wax, round head wax, flat head wax, etc., according to the shape, and there are many colors. These candles are a little more particular when used, such as pointed bamboo wax, which is suitable for inserting on the candlestick when eating and placing it in the middle of the dining table, especially in Western food. If the home decoration is European style, it can also be placed in the living room as a decorations. Bleaching wax is common in bars. Pour water into a container, put the wax on the water, and it will float on the water. It has a unique mood under the dim candlelight. Bleaching wax is used more in young people's homes, especially between couples. Not only can candlelight dinners use pointed bamboo wax, but bleaching wax will also bring good results.


In addition, the same kind of candle is also divided into many sizes, such as extruded cylindrical wax has four sizes: 8 × 25 cm, 8 × 20 cm, 7 × 15 cm, 7 × 10 cm.

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