The smell and function of scented candles


Today's scented candles not only play the role of light […]

Today's scented candles not only play the role of lighting and decorating the room, but also play a role in health care.


Different scents emitted by different scented candles also have different effects on the body, such as chocolate, strawberry, blueberry and other flavors. Since sweetness is the main note in the flavor, it helps to eliminate depression.


As for the fragrance of flowers, such as jasmine, rose, lily and chrysanthemum, all have aphrodisiac effect, can eliminate unhappiness in the heart and accelerate blood circulation.



1. Scented candles can purify air quality and create a pollution-free living space.
2. Promote metabolism and make breathing easier.
3. Regulate physiological functions and relieve mental stress.
4. Aromatherapy candles can make people feel comfortable and stimulate the potential vitality of the human body.

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