The use of scented candles


I believe many people have heard of the efficacy of sce […]

I believe many people have heard of the efficacy of scented candles, but what are scented candles? How to use scented candles? I guess some people don't know. The so-called scented candles are actually scented candles. It uses the principle of combustion to disperse aromatic molecules into the air.


Tips for using scented candles:
1. The size of the room will affect the intensity of the fragrance.


2. Do not light ordinary candles and scented candles at the same time, because the former will absorb the aroma of the latter.


3. Use only one or two scents. Our sense of smell can become numb with too many scents.



4. Try to choose a candle with a larger candle surface. Because when the candle is burning, the more tears gather in the candle area, the stronger the fragrance will be.


5. Trim the wick frequently. A candle that is too large will affect the fragrance distribution. When burning, trim the wick to a length of 0.5-0.8cm (please turn off the flame first). This will prevent black smoke from being produced when burning.


6. Put it in the refrigerator for a few hours before use, which can slow down the burning speed of the candle! How to use scented candles?


7. When the candle is burning, please avoid placing it in the windward to avoid the candle light shaking and tilting, resulting in dripping wax or unsightly phenomenon. It is recommended to maintain indoor air circulation when burning scented candles.


8. If the candle drips on the furniture, please wait for it to solidify before peeling off. The residual wax can be melted with a hair dryer or an iron.

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