What series of craft candles are there?


Craft candles are divided into different series accordi […]

Craft candles are divided into different series according to different functions and uses. Each series has its own unique side and shows different effects. For example, incense craft candles with fragrance can release aroma and enhance the atmosphere when lit.

Plant essence is added to the exquisite and beautiful aromatherapy candle, which can emit a pleasant fragrance when burning, which has the effect of soothing nerves and eliminating depression; liquid colored candles are currently popular in Europe and the United States, and can produce bright and dazzling colored flames when burning. , suitable for being placed in containers of different shapes to create a colorful and romantic atmosphere.


There are also music craft candles that integrate color and music, which can not only release dazzling brilliance during the burning process, but also release all kinds of music, which is a must for people to adjust the atmosphere when gathering;

There are also jelly crystal candles whose shape is exquisite and clear, and the color is more textured. It looks very ornamental when placed in a glass container. The craft candle is the crystallization of high-tech. Its raw material is high molecular polymer. It has the characteristics of no turbidity, no smoke, no toxicity, no pollution, no deliquescence, and pleasant smell. Its burning time is 3-4 times that of ordinary candles. .

With the reform of technology, the production process of craft candles is much simpler than that of traditional candles. Pouring molds can make three-dimensional craft candles, and then slightly engrave some patterns to make them. Therefore, craft candles, like cakes, can also be made by hand. When making handmade candles, the maker can not only decide its shape and smell according to his own aesthetics, but more importantly, he can put the maker's creativity into action and enjoy the wonderful feeling brought by the process.

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