Gift candles turn embellishment into a habit


Candles are always like a sunset industry that has gone […]

Candles are always like a sunset industry that has gone away, but gift candles give it a different definition.


Fragrance has a magical power. It can awaken people's beautiful memories, make people excited or calm, but these are very emotional and difficult to grasp. People are always exploring new and lasting fragrances, and they are constantly transforming embellishment into a living habit.



Such gift candles will naturally make women irresistible. According to the research data of market research institutions, the main customer group of the gift candle market is women aged 25 to 54 with a household income of more than 3,500 yuan. Even five years ago, half of the consumption was are also women.


Now, the gift candle company provides end users with purchasing experience and discounts, and has entered its own high-speed development era, but the life concept it gives to each fragrance in the colorful glass bottle, or all the exquisite marketing methods, In fact, the niche products that were originally icing on the cake have been needed for a long time, and aromatherapy is becoming a fashion to change home life.

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